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From Money Missteps to Financial Adventures: Here Are Some of My Discoveries

Hey there, fellow adventurers in the financial realm!

In my quest to better understand the basics of my own financial status, I've come across some fantastic discoveries that not only enlightened me but also inspired me to share and help others along their financial journeys. Life can often feel like a never-ending balancing act between bills, savings, and the occasional financial curveball. But fear not! In this blog, we're going to explore the world of finance with a playful twist. I'll be unveiling my favorite finds that not only provide valuable financial revelations but also deliver them with a side of fun and giving.

But remember, just like humor, personal finance is subjective, and what works for one person may not be the perfect fit for another. That's why we're diving into this unique blend of comedy and finance, to make discoveries that will help you navigate your financial journey while keeping a smile on your face. Let's get started shall we:

1. The Budgeting Forecast

As I mentioned earlier, the Budgeting Forecast might not be the most accurate tool, but it does provide valuable insights into your financial future. Armed with the knowledge it has given me, I've been sharing tips and tricks on managing money! Now it's your turn. Below are just a few when it comes to setting up a budget.

  • One of the first stops that helped me get a grip on my budget was writing out my bills and my income. I folded a piece of paper in half, hot dog style, and one side at the top I wrote income and my jobs and how much they brought in, below I wrote out my bills. Depending if you own a home some bills maybe paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually/yearly. On the other half I wrote out my debt.

  • After watching How to Get Rich on Netflix I went to Ramit Sethi website to find the budgeting tool they used. Guess what!?! I found it! You do have to sign up for the newsletter to get it, but it's free and the newsletter gives you great Tips and Tricks.

2. The Youtube Tutorial Revolution

Using Youtube as a tutorial tool has saved me countless dollars, and now I'm passing the torch of knowledge to my neighbors and friends. There is an issue with Youtube tutorials and that is finding one you connect with and you trust. One of my favorite in the financial realm is Caleb Hammer, the creator of the Financial Audit. I highly recommend his videos, even though they are not specifically in tutorial style they are very informative and I have used them as examples to help guide some of my own financial decisions.

3. The Hidden Treasure Trove

Discovering a hidden stash of forgotten treasures is a feeling like no other. I've decided to try something called 'roundup' with the app Acorns. There are many savings accounts that have this feature but I decided to try this in Acorns as I want to start investing. This feature allows me to link my accounts to Acorns stock account and every purchase I make that extra change gets rounded up and put towards my investments. Now, I am going to share a secret that I found after watching some YouTubers about Acorns the investment app. If your like me, the simplicity of Acorns might be what you need if your just starting to invest, however the $3/$6/$9 monthly fee could, and probably will at first, be more then what you will make.

Here is the secret, there is a $1 account available. Once called the lite account it is now called the assist account. If you have already been investing with this app it's an easy switch, comment below if you want me to make a post going deeper into this. And, based on the math I did, if you expect an annual return of 6% you will need to have more than $200 invested to make money. Below is my affiliate link if you want to check it out and it will help me too:

4. The Echoing Gym Membership

Canceling my underused gym membership was a no-brainer, but I didn't want my newfound savings to go to waste. I've reallocated that money to support a local charity that offers fitness programs to underserved communities. It's amazing how a small change can make a big impact. Taking one step further see if they need a assistant coach on one of the local community teams to get some movement in and give back. In truth the body and mind work together and we need to take care of both. If you need to find some motivation at home one of my favorite free online fitness gurus is Heather Robertson. I always encourage people to visit their Dr. before starting any new fitness journey but she is one to look into.

6. The Mismatched Sock Savings

The Mismatched Sock Savings have become my secret stash for philanthropy. Every month, I gather those odd socks and fill them with spare change. The collected coins are then donated to a different charitable cause. It's a small gesture, but it's a reminder that every penny counts when helping others.

So, my fellow financial adventurers, remember that the resources and knowledge you gather on your journey don't just benefit you – they can be shared to inspire and assist others. Whether it's budgeting insights, skills, or hidden treasures, there's always a way to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of those around you. Leave a comment below of some of your findings.

I find that the true value of wealth is not just in what you accumulate but in how we share it with the world. Happy saving and happy giving! 💰🌟

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